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5/23/24: new guestbook + once again i changed some minor things about my site

4/30/24: redid my gallery yaaaay..... images are no longer awkwardly cropped + added new art

4/18/24: blog works now :)

4/13/24: long time no update i got busy with life stuff (doing nothing) i partially fixed my gallery and tweaked the layout a bit + added more stamps if anyone gaf

3/7/24: u can sort my art now (took me way too long to figure out and im still working on it lol)

3/7/24: tweaking a ton of stuff + decided to add a lil status box temporarily

3/6/24: added an art gallery!

3/6/24: currently in the process of transferring all of my ocs over ^__^

3/5/24: finally made a site after hyping myself up for months Lord help me
jubiland! Philia995